We're serious about learning.

We want to teach children to think, not just answer questions. All curriculum is carefully researched and deliberately chosen because it will challenge the student.

  • Bible Study – Pastor George leads the students through various books of the Bible or topical studies, teaching them the summary of each book or topic and communicating the purpose of it in our lives. 

  • Mathematics – Our curriculum of choice Saxon Math. Beginning in 4th grade, all students use the DIVE videos for thorough instruction. An advanced path available for each student. 

  • Grammar – 1st through 4th grade use First Language Lessons and the accompanying workbook. This gives students a thorough grasp on the nuts and bolts of language. Students memorize and apply the definitions of the parts of speech, practice dictation, poem memorization, narration, and sentence diagramming. 

  • Grammar - 5th and up will use Rod & Staff for it's depth of study in the English Language. Most students find the material difficult at first, but soon develop their skills in thought, application and understanding of sentence structure, writing, literature comprehension and more.

  • Spelling – All grade levels study spelling. Younger students use Spelling Power.

    Older students study Vocabulary from Classic Roots. Students learn word etymology and how
    to recognize the proper use of vocabulary in daily life.

  • Science – Students will be studying Biology through BJU. We have found this science to
    be both rigorous and engaging. Presented from a Biblical perspective, students will
    appreciate the unity between science and faith.

  • History – We use Story of the World which present simultaneously the Biblical account of
    history and the world timeline of events. It takes 4 years to complete the study from the
    Ancient History to Modern Days.

  • Reading – We encourage daily reading time for students. We place an emphasis on
    reading and desire our students to be exposed to classic literature. 

  • Electives - We offer a variety of electives each year. Please refer to these programs in the Program area of our website.


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